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We Keep It Real & Local

Our Story

With The Daily, our goal was to create a convenient, quality, thoughtful shop where people come to be refreshed and nourished. Where you can find some of the best ingredients available. Where there’s no trade-off between quick and delicious food.

The items we offer are the things we love – things people need daily: healthy juices, strong coffee, breakfast toasts, fresh bread and eggs, plus pastries, smoothies, wine, and snacks to go.

We believe in greeting customers with a smile, an open door, and the warmth of a good neighbor.

By raising our standards of service, we can create a stronger community and a more comfortable place for you to shop. Of course, we couldn’t do it without the help of our friends at Butcher & Bee.

The Daily is the lighthearted sibling concept from the team behind Butcher & Bee. The Butcher & Bee family of restaurants thrive on honest to goodness interactions, seasonal food lovingly prepared, and dining experiences that are comfortable and familiar yet interesting and even a bit challenging.

Goods From Local Makers

In the spirit of celebrating local talent, we collaborate with artists and artisans over the years to bring you a varied selection of items made in the South. Whether it’s a tote, a custom tee, a bottle of hot sauce, or a bag of coffee, if it’s at The Daily, it’s made with quality craftsmanship.

Keeping our carbon low & flavors high

We believe in supporting sustainability and environmental stewardship, which is why we source our produce and proteins directly from farmers in our communities where possible. We are proud to know where every item on our menu comes from, and to make the cornerstone of our mission to use seasonal, local, and regional ingredients.

Our Locations

We’re on a mission to create beautiful spaces and convenient places and fill them with friendly faces of those who value honest to goodness eats.

Our friends at the Bee offer an ever-changing menu featuring locally sourced ingredients for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

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Forged by Michael Shemtov and Team Bee, Pay It Forward Charleston is a 501c3 dedicated to providing emergency assistance in the form of grants to members of the Charleston food and beverage community.

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A casual Southwestern taco shop in East Nashville, where Hatch green chiles, homemade tortillas, and outlaw country music feed the soul.

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What’s The Word?

  • “We came here almost every day because the coffee and breakfast was so good. They use the old kind of espresso maker and high quality coffee. And they make their own vanilla bean sweetener. Perfect for my latte. Yum!!!”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “After you walk in, make sure to look to your left! They have an awesome mini local grocery area. You can grab local milk and eggs, prepared lunch meals, hummus, syrups and honey, and even fresh pressed juices to-go.”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “My wife and I love this place. It is a must stop if you are in the area if you want a great cup of coffee.”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “The iced coffee (milky cold brew) was truly delicious. The sorghum comes through just enough to make it feel like a spiced iced coffee. Great stuff. The next day, on our way out of town, I was jubilant after realizing The Daily was basically on the way out of town and we could buy a jug of milky cold brew to have at our next destination on the road trip. I bought a jug of it (which went over VERY well with my family) and also couldn't resist trying the strange sounding tahini mocha. Another winner. Super good! Love this place for coffee & goods. Hope to try the food some day...”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “Loved, loved, loved this spot! Probably one of our most memorable lunches during our visit. Very quaint and unique. The food was incredible! Make sure to get a fatty cake!”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “Nice place. The americano was the best I've had in a long time. These guys can make coffee. They can also make some amazing pastries!”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “This jumping little spot puts out quality breakfast eats and take away salads, cold press juices and kick butt Java. All breads are baked on premise, and yes this makes a difference. I have had a lot of "avocado toast" safe to say, the bread does changes everything. Open in the AM so plan accordingly.”

    TripAdvisor review
  • “This is everything I want in a coffee shop. We went here twice in our three day trip to Charleston, and easily would have went back again. Can you move to my town, please?”

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